When you come to Eastbourne for a holiday,it always takes a few days to find a suitable watering hole,whether it be alcoholic or not.Not any more,WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU. We are principally an angling club,but we also have our own clubhouse and an al-fresco seating area,this has its own  kitchen which is open weds to sunday lunchtimes and friday evenings weekly.Selling all home cooked food at very "Club type prices" as are all our drinks.We have a snooker table,and many activities throughout the week,darts and bingo being just two.

Saturday evening's we have live music.

So where do you find us ?

Coming along the prom from the pier,we are just past Treasure Island childrens playground,and you will come to the boats on the beach,and there we are.

From Princes Park,again on the promenade,and we are only five minutes walk.

All holidaymakers are welcome,just sign in as guests.



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