Welcome to Eastbourne and OUR Angling Club Click on one of the pages above, to see what we have to Offer.
Welcome to Eastbourne and OUR Angling ClubClick on one of the pages above,to see what we have to Offer. 


The History of The Eastbourne Angling Association


This year 2019 our club has been in existence for 114 years.

In 1905 just after the loss of Queen Victoria to our nation,a few men of Eastbourne decided to start an Angling Club,not only as a place to meet their friends,but it meant they could provide food for their families,and have a place to change their clothes,after a days fishing.

They decided  to do it properly.There were several different tradesmen who ensured their new wooden building was exactly to their specifications,and the councils !

Royal Parade had just been built,and the new building,we are told, looked splendid,situated just off Splash Point.

Their membership grew,and then 8 years later,there was speculation of an impending war.And in 1914 men from our town,left to fight for our country….Many never returned.

Numbers were depleted,but the “Angling Club”was a place to remenis,about old friends,Not many stories of the “Great War” needed to be spoken about.

1919-1938 saw the club grow in stature,along with its membership,

And it acquired a couple of its own boats,up till then the boats were of the rowing or sailed variety.In 1934 the Seagull outboard engine evolved,and going to sea was less exhaustive,and reaching specific marks,much quicker.

Then  in 1939 another war took our men abroad, some never to see our wonderful shores again.

But after 6 years of bitter struggles,life began to get back to normality,and by the late 1950’s theEAA was becoming known as an excellent fishing and social haven.

The 11th Duke of Devonshire becomes the Patron of our association.

The club became synonymous with all aspects of fishing,and first of all The Eastbourne Town Fishing Festival,attracted fishermen and their boats from all around the country.

Anybody involved in fishing wanted to be there.

Gerry Doughty,who at the time,had the biggest tackle shop in the country,donated prizes.Jack Hargreaves from TV fame,made many appearances to the club.

And talking of TV.Ron Yates won the Southern Tv Fishing award,beating the best of the best

And we even attracted people from abroad,who became regulars,for holidays.Egon and Irma from Hamburg.To name just two.

The early sixties, clubs were booming,and we had a very progressive committee,who ,after extensive meetings with the council,arranged to move ,to our present position near Fishermans Green,on the promenade.plans were drawn,and it was built,and we opened in 1971.

The rest as they say “is history” we are still as forward looking as ever,and over the years we have seen,many clubs, go by the wayside,and others flounder badly.

Our thanks goes to All officers and committees ,since our inception,and we are proud to carry on,all your good work.


Eastbourne Angling Association

the Clubhouse

Royal Parade 

BN22 7AA


Tel: 01323 723442


email: eastbourneangling@hotmail.co.uk




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